Prof. Dr. Claus Leggewie

Claus Leggewie
Ludwig Boerne Chair

Claus Leggewie teaches political science and is holding the Ludwig Boerne Chair at Giessen University. Until 2017 he was director of the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut (KWI), Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen (Germany). Leggewie was a fellow at the Institute of Human Sciences (IWM) Vienna (1994 and 2006), Max Weber Chair at New York University (1995-97), Remarque Institute New York (1997-8), and at Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin (1999-2000). He was serving at the German advisory Council on Global Change (WGBU) from 2008 through 2016. His most recent publication is Jetzt! Opposition, Protest, Widerstand (Cologne 2019).